Architectural services

Over forty years ago, architect Alex Kaali-Nagy, AIA built a home, and started a tradition. Nestled in the lush countryside of Greenwich, Connecticut, that first Georgian Colonial was elegant in style, yet conceived on a human scale, with timeless accents and a wonderful simplicity of plan and proportion. Today, The Kaali-Nagy Company stands as the premier design firm for ultra-luxury properties in Fairfield County. But the true measure of the firm’s success lies not so much in the indelible impact the Kaali-Nagy style has had on the architecture of such exclusive communities as Greenwich, New Canaan, Westport and Darien, but moreover in the high rate of return clients — including some of the most successful chief executives, entrepreneurs, celebrities and personalities in the U.S.

Construction management

Driven by an appreciation for the past, and a firm understanding of modern lifestyles, The Kaali-Nagy Company employs a solid team of skilled architects and artisans who architecturally develop our properties to fit both the client’s persona, as well as the physical environs the property inhabits. This human experience is furthered by integrating compatible construction concepts throughout all phases of development.

As the construction manager on all of our projects, The Kaali-Nagy Company acts as general contractor, hiring and managing all subcontractors. The Company provides maximum value for quality driven construction services, utilizing methods that are customer focused, cost effective, safety ensured, and innovative with flawless execution and unquestionable integrity.

Development process

1 month


  • Property Evaluation
  • Creative Design Session
  • Financial Evaluation & Budget
  • Understanding of Site Constraints
  • Zoning and Building Code
  • Internal Timeline
  • Wish List
  • Design Solutions
  • Preliminary Project Schedule
1-2 months


  • Design Meeting(s)
  • Floorplan Evaluation & “Lifestyle Meeting”
  • Balance the design and the financial objectives
  • Site Analysis (Preliminary Engineering)
  • FAR/Code Analysis/Site Conditions
  • Finalize Project Schedule and Timeline

Once a design is selected

  • Final Cost Estimation and Budgeting for Contract
  • Builder’s Set of Plans for agency approvals
  • Zoning and Building Code Deliverables
  • Internal Timeline & Deliverable
  • Detailed timeline, specifications and budget
2-3 months


  • Design Analysis & Critique
  • Floorplan and Elevation Critique
  • Final Layout and Design Evaluation
  • Final Engineering Study & Analysis
  • All necessary permits and applications met in Town Regulatory Agencies
  • Regulatory Review and Permit Processing Phase
  • Landscape Architecture and Exterior Site & Hardscape Planning Process
5-7 months


  • Site Preparation & Demolition Process (If Needed)
  • Additional Site Work, Drainage, Site Engineering
  • Wetland Coordination (If Needed)
  • Site Administration and Construction Development
  • Foundation, Waterproofing & Drainage
  • Construction of all Exterior House, Roofing,
    Siding, Windows & Doors
  • Exterior Trim Work & Roughing of all Trades
  • All Necessary Inspections and Town Sign-Off’s
  • Town Meetings & Regulatory Requirements met
    for Phase II
6-8 months


  • Construction of Interior House
  • Final Interior Work & Interior Customization of Home
  • Custom Cabinetry & Finish Work
  • Landscape Work, Hardscape & Specialty Lighting, Driveways, Specialty and/or Belgium Blocking/Driveway Patterns
  • Additional External Work
  • Pool/Spa, Tennis Courts, etc.
  • All Final Work & Punch List Items to Complete
  • Final C/O and Final Permits and Town Regulatory Requirements