Alex Kaali–Nagy, AIA

Every day architects, builders, interior designers, and developers change people’s lives, and the ways in which they live them.

Our homes, which include over a hundred multi-million dollar residential properties in affluent Fairfield County, Connecticut, have truly transformed the lives of their owners.

As you tour one of our unique homes, you can’t help but see why. These are more than just upscale properties. They are bold statements. They have personality.

Each home illustrates a wide range of distinct, signature features and endless distinguishing characteristics, coupled with recognizable regional styles and designs that imbue them with character.

I am frequently asked to articulate my visions for the projects I design, develop, and deliver.

Traditionally, architects and builders sit in opposing camps. The former is obsessed with design and reputation, the latter ever eyeing the bottom line.

This is the value a company such as ours brings, providing you with the details and proven expertise to ensure your home fulfills its potential. From concept through completion, think not of what could be. Rather, envision what should be.

Setting aside the enormous financial risk, every project demands careful orchestration of an endless array of elements, most of which intertwine to form a complicated tapestry. The Kaali-Nagy Company specializes in unraveling that fabric, recreating the ideology and methodology that goes into crafting these American homes, and delivering these American dreams.

Always it’s the little things that are so often overlooked, yet so essential for everyday living.

They say, “God is in the details”—words to live by. If you are like me, every aspect, from site selection to the smallest minutia, keeps you awake at night. But when you see the results, you understand. Nothing is insignificant.

Our homes were not just built—they were brought to life, many resurrected from the fading façade.

Though designed to be more than just showpieces, their market value obviously affords the owners a certain degree of status. That’s why many of the features we incorporate exemplify the fact that these are not shrines, nor are the monuments. They are major investments that should incur a positive return. Beauty and sophistication need not hurt.

We are the specialists, and we’ve been doing this for quite some time. However, we know everyone has his or her own preferences. As you would expect, many of our owners are extremely knowledgeable and discriminating. They know what they want, and we know how to deliver it to them.

Alex Kaali–Nagy, AIA
The Kaali-Nagy Company